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  Muhammad Ibrahim (Late)



   Chairman. Muhammad Aslam




The Royal Music Company (pvt) Ltd.Sialkot Pakistan was established Since 1910,by Muhammad Ibrahim (Late). He was the founder of this Company. He Died in 1918.After the death of Muhammad Ibrahim this Company continued by his Son Mr.Faiz Ali in the year 1938.After the death of Mr.Faiz (Late), his Son Mr. Muhammad Aslam continued this Company. Now Mr. Muhammad Aslam is the chairman of the Company and continued the business. In early years, the company was involved in making Components and Accessories of Musical Instruments, such as Cane Reeds for Bagpipes, Clarinets & hand Embroidery. The Company used to be the primary platform for the repair of band instruments relating to British Army Regiments during British Rule in Indian Subcontinent. Mr. Muhammad Aslam leading& genuine maker of Bagpipes & Hand Embroidery after the death of his father Mr.Faiz Ali. After the death of his father Mr. Aslam supplying the Instruments to PakArmy, Air Force, Police, Rangers, School, College and Agha Khan Scouts Bands. In 1954 to 1985 he gained a lot of experience in this field. It was the single Store manufactured only Instruments, hand Embroidery but by the passage of time The Royal music store spread it’s circulation &now The Royal music Company is almostly manufacturing & exporting all the major items of Musical Instruments.Luckly, in 1986 Mr. Muhammad Aslam started supplying the Musical Instruments and Hand Embroidery throughout the World. This company Manufactured 175 items. The Company identified by our quality & perfect Instruments. The quality of the Instruments matching International Standard at very normal price. The Company is too much old and in the year 1962 the Company celebrate the ceremony of,



Now the Chairman Mr. Muhammad Aslam, his sons and staff doing their forefathers business with experience of 60 years. The Customers satisfaction is Company motto, because customers are always very important for us. So it is little bit difficult to expose our full range of product on the web pages. These web pictures are to inform you about our live of products. We assure you that we will complete the items to the entire satisfaction to you.